The {STManaged} R package runs the State and transition model for the eastern North American forest, with integrated forest management practices. This package allows you to model the spatially explicit dynamics of four forest states (Boreal, Temperate, Mixed and Regeneration) over space and time. You will be able to set the intensity of four management practices (plantation, harvest, thinning and enrichment) that aim to increase the northward range shift of forest.


Install the STManaged package with the devtools (or remotes) package:


On Linux you need to install the ImageMagick++ library (see here), or you can install a version of this package without the animation() function.

Quick start


# Create the initial landscape defining the range of annual mean temperature and the cell size:
initLand <- create_virtual_landscape(climRange = c(-2.61, 5.07), cellSize = 2)

# Print the initial landscape
plot_landscape(initLand, Title = 'initial_landscape')

# Run the model for 100 years with temperature increase of 1.8 degrees
lands <- run_model(steps = 20,
                   managInt = c(0, 0, 0, 0),
                   RCP = 4.5)

# Some functions are already built in to check the model output
## Forest state occupancy for first and last year
par(mfrow = c(2, 1))
plot_occupancy(lands, step = 0, spar = 0.4)
plot_occupancy(lands, step = 20, spar = 0.4)

## Range limit shift of Boreal and Temperate states over time
plot_rangeShift(lands, rangeLimitOccup = 0.7)

## animated gif of the dynamics
animate(lands, fps = 5, gifName = 'RCP4.5', rangeLimitOccup = 0.7)

Further description

For a detailed vignette about the functionatilies of this package, look here.